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Once upon a time I wrote a post discussing how a A Little Trend Goes A Long Way, and although I get insta-lust when I see something trending, I more often than not, try to be practical about the necessity in my life. I try to remind myself that being fashionable or stylish does not-should not, involve always looking like every other blogger out there, i.e. destroyed denim (why are you paying money for things that look like a crazy ex got to them or your kids?!) or even blanket scarves-I own two blanket scarves, both of which I ONLY wear with my coats cause they do keep me warm, and why is that? Cause they feel suffocating to me otherwise.

Anyhoo, I have been lusting/hating faux leather pants for the past few years. While we lived in San Diego, I could easily say that I would combust wearing pants like that, but since we have moved to East, I’ve become a little more obsessive about them. They just look so…cool…Really no other word can completely capture it. But 1) They’re normally crazy expensive, and 2) I’m not a size 2 or non-curvy enough to pull them off. But then I saw the Pilcro pair from Anthropologie and obsessed. And obsessed. Until they had their 20% off and I felt that I had nothing to lose so I had the store order them to avoid the shipping.

There were two colors to choose from: black and forest green. I have enough black bottoms so I wasn’t particularly interested in those, but the forest green I was intrigued by, and also a little concern. Would I look like I was supposed to be on a CW show?! Have I gone full Robin Hood?! Peter Pan?! Will I EVER grow up?! I almost psyched myself out of them until they arrived and I tried them on. LOVE THEM. They fit perfectly (of course I did have to get them hemmed) and I love the forest color. This (or a close variation) will most likely be my Thanksgiving outfit. I already have three to five different outfits planned for these and in my world, that’s the justification. So this is my little trend for the remainder of 2015. Somebody get me a bow and arrow….

Much love,


Sweater (this is one of the softest I own btw)-Lulus/Vegan Leather Pants-Anthropologie/Heels-DSW