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staying in pjs and putting on pants. The struggle on Sundays is very real for me. 😉

There is just something about Sundays in the colder months that scream lazy comfort. In the Spring/Summer, I want to do nothing but go outside and absorb as much sun as I can. In the winter however, I’m the epitome of “netflix and chill”. So no matter what we have planned on Sunday, even if it is something I’m looking forward to, a part of me is still resentful that I can’t just stay in my pjs. This past Sunday was no exception. We were heading back from our Christmas getaway and the stylist side of me knew real clothes were required, but even as I was putting on my jeans, I kept longingly looking at my thermal pj’s and red holiday sweatshirt, wishing I gave fewer care’s so I could wear my comfy clothes with reckless abandon. This outfit was my compromise.

Much love,