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Over the past year that we have lived in Buffalo, my husband and I have discovered that there are at least five coats needed for weather. Although I’ve always been a coat lover and still maintained a few in San Diego, 15 years on the west coast did spoil me from the variety of weather that can be experienced on the other half of the country. So now we have gotten smart-a casual jacket for the cool but not cold weather, a trench or rain jacket for wet days, a jacket for hikes or outdoor activities, a parka for those snowy days, and a more formal wool or heavier coat that can be worn for your more professional or dressier moments.

This coat, a new favorite, was a birthday gift and I’ve been going back and forth with wishing it cool enough that I could wear it. It’s finally gotten to that point this week and I’ve been loving the color it brings to my wardrobe.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love,


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